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Tango 2.0 High Performance Computing (HPC) allows UniSA researchers and research students to use parallel processing to run advanced programs and applications efficiently, reliably and quickly.

Benefits to using Tango 2.0 HPC:

  • Solve large scale problems quickly and efficiently - process data and perform complex calculations at high speed
  • Reduce the duration of running complex jobs to solve research issues
  • Increased performance for less financial outlay
  • No requirement to purchase additional equipment (servers, storage etc.) – access Tango 2.0 from your PC
  • Access UniSA storage drives (e.g. R drive, Research data storage solution etc.) directly from the Tango 2.0 cluster
  • At elbow support available to assist you with your HPC activities
Click here to login to Tango 2.0 at UniSA.[edit | edit source]

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